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  •  Monthly Motivational Videos - #1 Most important thing on ANY fitness journey is staying motivated. These video's are arranged to deliver the right message to keep you focused on your goals, enthused, and excited. ($127 Value) 
  •  Monthly Food Videos - #2 Most important thing on ANY fitness journey is eating clean. These videos are arranged to teach you simple things you MUST know and look for when it comes to eating. ($119 Value) 
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Cowboy Ryan's In-Home Bootcamp is a #1 Abs Burning, Buns Torching Workout designed from 14 years as a ProRodeo Rider & Personal Trainer. It's been the hottest selling product for INSANE Full Body Results UNLIKE ANY other program on the market. Abs & Lower Abs Target workout.  It's only 28 minutes to firm, tone, tighten your body and Lose Fat FAST "Train Like a Rodeo Champion" 

 So what exactly is the 28 Day Rapid Fat Loss Program? You see, I've been training clients in my private gym for over 15 years experimenting with 1 hour & 45 minute workouts until a few years ago I discovered 28 minutes was the idea time to get people the MOST Results & Fat Loss.

Because it's NOT too hard on the body, you have time to recover, lowers stress levels and a combination of working out in short bursts, high intensity BUT efficiently so you BURN FAT and tone the Muscle.  Plus it's easier to stay focused and find 28 minutes, 3x's a week because consistency is KEY! 
But here's the coolest part... the results come FASTER with shorter workouts. In fact, clients now lose MORE inches in 28 days than other 60 day programs.  
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Sarah - Size 26 to 18 in 4 weeks

Jeannie - Size 26 to 22 & Lost 27 inches in 4 weeks

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