Cowboy 2000
1 Day (1 on 1) Coaching, Training 
& Custom Built Program with Cowboy Ryan
(PLUS 90 Day Elite Coaching) 
- Featured on Jillian Michaels Fitness Reality Show
- Creator of Cowboy Ryan's Gym
"As seen on ABC Shark Tank"
90 Day Elite Training Will Hold You Accountable to Transform Your Life!
(Abi H. Lost 120 lbs)

LIVE - 1 Day Fitness Blueprint ($1,995 value) 
 90 Day Mastermind Coaching ($2,200 Value)
 90 Day Workout Program ($1,600 value)
 90 Day Nutrition Program ($1,250 value)
 90 Day Fitness Academy Course ($995 value)
Total Value - $7,200

LIVE With Cowboy Ryan

Date: Schedule dates after booking
Location: Loveland Cowboy Ryan's Gym 

Program Design 
Blueprint 2000 

We'll Design a Proven Program for "YOU"
"Serious Fitness Plan for YOU!"
-600 Calorie Workout 
 -Supplement Coaching
-Custom Nutrition Plan 
-Custom Workout Plan
-Create your Goals & Design "YOUR" Program


*1 Day of Intense Coaching & Workouts
Together WE will design a SOLID Road Map 

You Frustrated with being stuck at a weight loss plateau? 

Are you struggling with getting motivated to workout or eat clean? 
Are you Needing a New Challenge? 

Do you need help with foods & nutrition? 

All of these are typical and everyone experiences them but most people end up quitting and NOT seeking professional help. 

Cowboy Ryan has spent 15 years as a Personal Trainer and TV Fitness 
personality figuring out what works and what doesn't.  

Together we will design a proven fitness program "Just for YOU" 
to take your fitness to the next level. 

What You'll Get In 8 hours
600 Calorie Workout  
"You'll be pushed past your limiting beliefs of what is possible for you physically" Full body workout on the Rodeo Fences & exercises seen on Cowboy Ryan's DVD's will have your entire body beyond exhausted. (About 3 hr workout) 
Cowboy Ryan's training fee is $400/hr. ($2,500 Value) 
That's Jillian Michaels & Creator of TRX Straps in Photo.  
Food Coaching
How to read food labels, healthy grocery shopping list & tour, what to eat, why to eat it and what to avoid. Food prepping idea's for fast success and easy snacks to jumpstart metabolism. Complete food diagnostic of what you are currently eating, how many calories you should consume and a game plan to implement immediately.
($300 Value)

"How To Get Motivated, Set Compelling Goals and breakthrough mental mind blocks that's keeping you 
from achieving your 
ultimate goals. Learn why you quit on your fitness journey and how to STOP that cycle of sabotage. Learn about changing your focus to get what you want.
($250 Value)
Supplement Coaching
Have you ever gone into a nutrition store and been overwhelmed?  Learn about the importance of Quality vitamins, minerals and supplements. Also the best recommendation for fast weight loss and overall health. ($180 Value)

#5 Blueprint

STOP GUESSING ... together we will design a blueprint for your workouts, foods and goals to get you 
BIG Results. You'll walk away with a Proven Plan 
($900 value)
#6 Online Fitness Coaching
90 Day Online Coaching - includes Bonus Home Workout Video's & Motivational Video's - 
($489 Value)

Be one of the First 2 People to Enroll 
and you'll Receive an Outdoor Adventure Training
$4,500 Value
 Cowboy Ryan's 4 Day VIP
Montana Fitness Ranch!
4 Day - Outdoor Adventures
Montana Fit Ranch
Aug 4th - 7th
($4,500 value)
(Lodging & Travel NOT included) 
You'll embark on an outdoor adventure to apply the fitness results you have accomplished with Elite Level Training and Master Mind Coaching. The best way to test your fitness progress is go on an outdoor adventure with "Cowboy Ryan" and the Master Mind Team. Every 3 months the Team heads off to a NEW Adventure that is fun, challenging and surrounds you with positive, like minded people to all hang out together and push to new heights in life. Each adventure is something different BUT you can expect the unexpected like hiking high in the Mountains of Montana, rafting, camping, fishing, campfires, good times and more.

 LIVE - 1 Day Fitness Blueprint ($995 value) 
 LIVE - 1 Day Motivation Seminar ($975 value)
 90 Day Mastermind Coaching ($2,200 Value)
 90 Day Workout Program ($1,600 value)
 90 Day Nutrition Program ($1,250 value)
 90 Day Fitness Academy Course ($995 value)
4 Day Montana Ranch ($4,500 value)
Total Value - $11,200
"Cowboy Ryan knows how to Educate, Motivate and Inspire People to become their Absolute BEST!
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