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GAINING Weight, Endless Hours of Cardio 
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You could Exercise for 28 minutes, 
and Lose 12 inches in 12 workouts?
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You could End 1 hour Workouts 
Exercise at a pace that Feels Good?
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You could STOP Dieting or Starving Yourself?
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RodeoFIT™ is designed to gradually ease your body past its old limits. So after 30 days, you're leaner, more solid, seeing & feeling muscles you've never noticed, and 12 inches smaller. 

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(18% to 4.3% Body Fat in 82 Days) 

I'm "Cowboy Ryan" Ehmann, 
Americas #1 Motivational Trainer and Fat Loss Expert 
"As seen on ABC Shark Tank", CNBC, SpikeTV, Forbes & Entrepreneur Magazine.

I know exactly how your feeling and your frustrations. 

I didn't become 33 pounds overweight overnight...

203 lbs overweight
I was a Professional Rodeo Athlete and suffered 2 years of chronic back pain, gained 52 pounds and it sent my life into a tail spin. 15 doctors said I would NEVER compete again and I would have to live with a bad back. I was sad, lonely, depressed and found myself homeless living on friends sofas and $67,000 in debt. 

...15 years ago I got certified as a Personal Trainer, figured out how to change my life with fitness so I created Lose 12 inches™ Rodeo Fit System. I shredded my body down to 4.3% in 82 days and against all odds healed chronic back pain to return to rodeo and win a National TV Rodeo Championship on Fox Sports. Now I'm recognized as One of America's Top Trainers with 13,000 success clients at my private FAT LOSS gyms and over 40,000+ Online members.

Featured on"ABC Shark Tank", CNBC, SpikeTV, Entrepreneur, Forbes Magazine and creator of a New Fat Loss Franchise GYM, Millions of people recognize me as Americas #1 Motivational Trainer & Fat Loss Expert! 
My 5 Secrets that Transformed my Life and 40,000+ Clients
(Revealed below) 
Walk through the Program with Cowboy Ryan and you'll be transformed through insights on this most privileged and intimate training with Americas #1 Motivational Trainer and Fat Loss Expert

See how the Masses are working out & dieting WRONG resulting in another failed attempt to lose weight and into the downward spiral of unhealthy, overweight & mild depression.   

The RodeoFIT will help you understand how to fully, consciously, and actively participate in a health fitness program that the source is internal motivation to live a healthy, happy lifestyle. 
#1 Secret Fat Loss Tracking
($299 Value) 
60-80% Fat Loss & BOOST Metabolism 
for 36 Hours to Maximize Results!

#1 Most important tool to Guarantee Fast Results is the RodeoFit Strap & Phone app.  It's the proper way to Track efficiency of every workout to Burn Fat for Energy, get you healthy internally
and energize your life.
In order to get the most FAT LOSS with every workout you 
MUST maintain 60-80% heart rate for your body type.


Working out below 60% doesn't burn fat and leads to NO FAT LOSS! 
Working out above 80% burns lean muscle and NO FAT LOSS!
Start Working Out Efficient Today!

  • (1) Rodeo Fit Strap & Phone App (Free Download)
  • Customized Account & Monitoring System for You! 
  • Online Videos Teach Fat Loss System 
#2 Secret Food Tracking
Meal Plans, Grocery List, Food Diagnostic and Video Education.
($99 Value) 

Delicious Healthy Meals jumpstart your metabolism and you'll learn a healthy pattern of eating.  30+ online videos teach you simple education for longterm results. 
Meals Planned For You ... 
14 Day Fat Flush Meal Plan Clients Lose 14 inches in 14 meals.
7 Day Slim Jeans Diet you'll fit into your Wranglers in 7 Days!
WHY Does it work?
Because it's NOT too hard on the body, you have simple meals to prepare, it lowers toxin & acid levels and the right combination foods gives you energy, Starves the Fat and Feeds the Muscle. Plus it's easier to stay focused because the plan is already layed out for you! 

Until a few years ago I discovered 14 Day Fat Flush meal plan that de-toxics your body, boosts metabolism, tones & feeds lean muscle and starves you Fat Cells. Because it's healthy foods, extremely effective and gives you a boost of energy unlike anything you've experienced it's my #1 Fastest Fat Flush Meal Plan. 

  • LOSE 14 inches in 14 Day - Meal Plan
  • 7 Day "Slim Jeans" Diet
  • 42 Delicious Fat Burning Recipes
  • 31 Healthy Dessert Recipes
  • 25 Food Combinations to Control Sugar Cravings
  • 7 Secrets to Burn Fat & Fat Loss Dinners
  • 30+ Online Food Education Videos 
#3 Secret Motivation
This is a MUST for Success!
($199 Value) 
Get Motivated and Turn your Goals 
into a Reality with "CowboyUP Motivation"!
Motivate Your MIND - I'm going to guide you through an EASY process that will INSTANTLY shift your mindset 
and set you up for long term success! 

  • Motivation Tracking System
  • Fitness Blueprint
  • 82x Fitness Map User Guide
  • Ebook Train Your Mind - Your Body Will Follow
  • 12 Online Motivation Videos 
Do you feel like you're in a rut or you've hit a plateau and you just can't seem to get motivated? We're going to solve your struggles in a powerful way that works for you... 
#4 Secret Fat Loss Workouts
Full Body, Buns, Hips, Thighs, Arms and the CORE (Rodeo Abs) for Maximum Results!
($249 Value) 
Workouts utilize interval training "Fat Loss Method" 
to maximize your results. 
Rodeo Riders are in incredible shape. We have toned abs... slender muscles... and great definition. The question is - how do you get that great body without competing in the rodeo?
My Rodeo Fit workouts use the same exercises that pro rodeo riders use to get lean & toned - and made them available to ANYONE looking to burn fat... The Rodeo Fit workout is what happened when I took the workouts that get professional rodeo champions super fit... and made them accessible to ANYONE looking to burn fat, tone muscles, improve flexibility, boost confidence and get in awesome shape.

But I didn't stop there... my Incredibly Hi Energy & motivating personality gets your heart racing ... I'm a passionate BIG hearted Cowboy Ryan who really cares about you and I motivate you every step of the way ... It's the total package. 

  • (3) Cowboy Core & Cardio
  • (3) Cowboy Fat Shred Zone
  • (3) Cowboy Champ Up
  • (3) Cowboy Rip Zone
  • and more Bonus Motivation Videos
#5 Secret 
Unlimited Support & Community
($249 Value) 
Amazing support from thousands on a quest 
to improve the quality of their lives forever!
Join the RodeoFIT Team as this is for ANYONE looking to burn fat, tone muscles, improve flexibility, boost confidence and get in awesome shape!


Our Incredibly loving community brings the Energy, motivation
and personalities to our journey of getting fit together. Cowboy Ryan really and his community of RodeoFIT Teams cares about you and invite you to bring your challenges, struggles, upsets in life to our family and allow us to help you along your journey and commitment to get RodeoFIT. 

  • Social Media / FB private group
  • Unlimited Email / Online Support
  • Meet new inspiring friends to help you
40,000+ Clients Lost 12 inches in 12 workouts!

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  •  RodeoFIT Nutrition Meal plans & Education ($139 value)
  •  (12) Food Coaching Online Video's - Food Tip to improve your eating ($109 value)
  •  CowboyUP Motivation & Fitness Road Map for Success ($129 value)
  •  (12) Motivational CowboyUP Online Video's ($349 value)
  •  Online & Mobile Access to RodeoFIT Kit ($199 value)
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... and 1,000's Transformed their Life Forever!
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RodeoFIT on Mobile. 
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  •  4 Weeks RodeoFIT Workouts in 4 Progressive Phases
  •  4 Weeks of CowboyUP Motivation Video's 
  •  4 Weeks of Food Coaching Video's
  •  RodeoFIT Nutrition Meal plans & Education
  •  82X Fitness Blueprint Road Map for Success
  •  And So Much More...
No Worries. We have a 30 day money back guarantee.

FREE - Calculate your Exact Fat Loss Zones to LOSE 12 inches in 12 workouts "As seen on ABC Shark Tank"

From: Jeannie V. 

This absolutely changed my life, I'm 49 years old, hated working out, eating healthy and was depressed. Cowboy Ryan's program transformed my life because it cover foods, fitness & motivation. I have lost 27 lbs, 55 inches and went from Size 26 - 16 since starting his program.  It's changed my life forever!! 

From: Lynn L.. 

This was the first fitness program that I stuck with many, many months and I was astonished when I lost 25 inches and 10 inches off my waist in only 3 weeks.  I'm a full time nurse and a mom so I need to be healthy for my job and kids.  Thanks Cowboy Ryan
About the Program
So what is RodeoFIT?
 3 new coaching sessions weekly keeping you focused and on track to achieve great results. This is our award winning Level 1 program that's attainable and a pace you can handle.  

*4 Weeks Motivational Coaching Video's - Super powerful to motivate you each week.
*4 Weeks Food Coaching - Educational videos make your fitness journey easy (NO DIET)
*4 Weeks of 28 minute Workouts - Cowboy Ryan's #1 Top Selling Workouts.

 We approach this fitness journey the right way to get you lasting results. One of the Biggest mistakes is people start a weight loss program without spending time to get mentally prepared. Starting a fitness program WITHOUT Motivation & getting clear of exactly what you want is only a matter of a few weeks before you quit. 

National Gym stats report 90% of anyone who joins a gym or goes on a fitness program quit by the 3rd week because they are NOT getting results, lacking focus on goals or doing it alone. 

Would you be committed to get you RESULTS and NOT apart of the national gym stats.
Why only 28 Minutes?
WHY only 28 minutes?
Because it's NOT too hard on the body, you have time to recover, lowers stress levels and a combination of working out in short bursts, high intensity BUT efficiently so you BURN FAT and tone the Muscle. Plus it's easier to stay focused and find 28 minutes, 3x's a week because consistency is KEY! 
But here's the coolest part... the results come FASTER with shorter workouts. In fact, clients now lose MORE inches in 28 days than other 60 day programs.  

You see, I've been training clients in my private gym for over 15 years experimenting 
with 1 hour & 45 minute workouts until a few years ago I discovered 28 minutes was the idea time to get people the MOST Results & Fat Loss. Plus the shorter time commitment folks were able to continue working out at an attainable pace for many months or years. 

Consistency is the key to being successful.
No Worries. We have a 30 day money back guarantee.
More Success Clients ...
Cowboy Ryan's program is a SIMPLE 3 Step process that focuses on Foods, Efficient Workouts and Motivation.  Its a COMPLETE PROGRAM and without all 3 areas you will NOT achieve Ultimate Success.

Brandi H.

I was an avid treadmill user until finally I decided to try something different, Cowboy Ryan's Program made me focus on all 3 areas, foods, fitness and motivation. This is when the transformation began and now I've gone from a Size 9 to 6.  Best part I didn't starve and WOW do I ever feel so good. Thanks Cowboy Ryan ... 
Training at your finger tips that give you access to food tips, grocery list, workouts and the most crucial piece which is the Daily Motivational Videos makes it easy to succeed. 

Tim Wasie

I lowered my blood pressure meds, trimmed off the belly and really become a much more confident person once I become healthy, fit and strong.  Thanks Cowboy Ryan
No Worries. We have a 30 day money back guarantee.
Now, due to high demand I can only offer this at a One-Time Rock Bottom Price 
to those who are seriously interested in burning a lot of fat and want to LOSE 12 inches in 12 workouts.

No Worries. The Product Comes With A...
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
30 Day Money Back. You have the Cowboy Guarantee that if for ANY reason what so ever you're NOT thrilled with the program I will cheerfully refund your investment in you.
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